Voice over IP: FirstStep


Autor: Kevin Wallace
Editora: Cisco Press
Ano de edição: 2006
Nº de páginas: 304
Idioma: Inglês
Coleção: –
Especificações: Como Novo. Engenharia/Tecnologia
Livro de Bolso: não
Encadernação: capa mole
Estado: 5/5

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Voice over IP: FirstStep

Your first step into the world of IP telephony

  • No IP telephony experience required
  • Includes clear and easily understood explanations
  • Makes learning easy

Your first step to the world of IP telephony begins here!

  • Learn how voice and data communications merge in voice-over-IP technology
  • Use this reader-friendly guide to understand the benefits of this technology
  • Explore real-life applications and theories through case studies in every chapter

Welcome to the world of voice over IP

We use either a telephone or e-mail for much of our day-to-day communication. Today, these two worlds are merging, and companies can place phone calls over their existing data network infrastructures using a technology called voice over IP (VoIP).


No prior experience with VoIP technology is required

Voice over IP First-Step is anyone’s introduction to the world of VoIP networks. The concepts in this book are presented in plain language, so you don’t need in-depth background knowledge to comprehend the technologies covered. If you work with data networks, if you work with telephony networks, if you’re a home user interested in how VoIP can reduce your monthly phone bill, or if the concept of VoIP simply intrigues you, this book is for you.

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